Game of Thrones

Below you will find a list of musical leitmotivs found in the TV series Game of Thrones. This is still very much a work-in-progress so please bear with me while I update.

Season 01

  • White Walker Theme
  • Game of Thrones Theme
  • House Stark Theme
  • Boding Theme
  • Ned’s Honour Theme
  • Wolf Theme
  • Conspiracy Theme
  • Secondary Stark Theme
  • House Baratheon Theme

White Walker Theme

The White Walker Theme is a theme that first appears incredibly eerie and delicate—as if something has just been woken up—and is played on a glass harmonica over a deep base. It has an icy, cold sound design, features which are going to be associated with the White Walkers.

The theme mostly appears in F minor and can be heard in its basic form 9 times throughout Season 01. It is always heard when the White Walkers are either referenced or implied. The first two times it appears, is during the prologue scene with the three rangers who rode out beyond the Wall.

Where does it appear?

In basic form:

  • Episode 1 – Winter Is Coming, at: 
    • 00:00:23 – Will notices something off
    • 00:01:04 – Ser Waymar Royce and Gared investigate 
  • Episode 3 – Lord Snow, at: 
    • 00:01:43 – Old Nan tells Bran about the White Walkers
    • 00:02:24 – Maester Aemon warns that winter is coming 
  • Episode 4 – Cripples, Bastards, and Broken Things, at: 
    • 00:03:39 – Ser Alliser Thorne recalls his time north of the Wall
  • Episode 7 – You Win Or You Die, at: 
    • 00:04:31 – Osha warns Maester Luwin that the White Walkers were just sleeping
    • 00:05:18 – Ghost brings Jon a severed hand 
  • Episode 8 – The Pointy End, at: 
    • 00:05:37 – Osha warns Bran that Robb is marching the wrong way, the Night’s Watch is burning the wights 
  • Episode 10 – Fire and Blood, at:
    • 00:06:38 – Jeor Mormont tells Jon about the disturbing reports he has received 

As a variation:

  • Episode 1 – Winter Is Coming, at:
    • 00:07:26 – The Starks find a dead stag and another huge cadaver
    • 00:08:12 – The Starks conclude the animal is a dire wolf